Shade Please! Expedia 2012 Study Finds Singaporeans Plan Beach Getaways But Avoid Sun... and Sharks

On May 17, 2012 at 04:00 AM


Shade Please! Expedia 2012 Study Finds Singaporeans Plan Beach Getaways But Avoid Sun... and Sharks

One would think that the sun, sea and sand beckon almost all travellers. However, not everyone is flocking to the beach to soak up the waves and rays. A study by the world’s largest online travel agency, Expedia, has revealed that while many Singaporeans are heading to beach destinations, most prefer to steer clear of the sun and relax in the shade on their vacation.

According to Expedia’s inaugural 2012 Flip Flop Report, Singapore has some of the world’s most sun-shy travellers. Only 18 percent of Singaporeans picked beach getaway as their preferred vacation when asked to select the most popular holiday type. Furthermore, only 26 percent of Singaporean respondents enjoy sunbathing while on a beach vacation, versus a global average of 53 percent.

Expedia’s 2012 Flip Flop Report is an analysis of the behaviour and preferences among beachgoers around the world. The inaugural online study spans Asia, North America, South America, Europe, and Australia, and reveals the habits and attitudes toward beach holidays of over 8,000 travellers in 21 countries.

The study also showed that for Singaporean beachgoers, the most popular beach activity is actually no activity at all, as 60 percent of respondents indicated that ‘relaxing’ is their favourite beach activity. Singapore also has the highest number of wellness-minded spa lovers among those surveyed worldwide, with more than 50 percent of respondents likely to indulge in spa treatments or massages when on a beach getaway.

“Be it work or family, Singaporeans are busier than ever. For many, beach vacations are an opportunity to escape the stress of everyday living - at least for a weekend. This is why so many Singaporeans make planning their leisure time a priority and work hard to simply relax when on holiday,” said  Dan Lynn, CEO of AirAsiaExpedia.

“It’s fortunate that Singaporeans are spoilt for choice when it comes to the variety of holiday options available within just a few hours flight time away. Planning a holiday has also never been easier, and with Expedia, overworked Singaporeans can book their holiday in minutes and jet away for a ‘relax and recharge’ weekend break,” added Dan.

Quick beach getaways for Singaporeans

Globally, beach holidays rank supreme compared to other types of vacations with travellers spending an average of close to eight days at the beach. Singaporeans, however, prefer short getaways, spending only four days at the beach - one of the lowest among the countries surveyed.

Singaporeans also select destinations close to home, between one to three hours flight time away. More than 60 percent of Singaporeans intend to take a beach holiday within the year.

Quality of beach is key when Singaporeans plan for beach destinations

When asked about the important criteria for selecting beach destinations, 77 percent indicated that quality of the beach is the key consideration factor, followed by price (71 percent), and food and beverage offerings (68 percent). When planning their holiday, Singaporeans prove to be fairly decisive, with close to 40 percent of respondents preparing for a beach holiday four to six months ahead of time.

Beware of sharks!

Surprisingly, Expedia’s Flip Flop Report also showed that Singaporean beachgoers remain wary of sharks. With less than 100 shark bite incidents are reported worldwide each year, shark encounters extraordinarily rare. Yet the menace prevails. Close to 70 percent of Singaporeans consider the presence of sharks as a factor when deciding where to holiday!

People love the beach

On the whole, the report revealed that the popularity of the beach is unsurpassed .Over half of vacationers surveyed will be heading to the beach this year. While relaxation, sunbathing and swimming top the list of activities for many beachgoers, Europeans and Latin Americans prefer a more adventure-filled holiday, participating in a wide range of beach activities from snorkeling to dancing on the beach.

Despite the carefree nature of a sun-drenched week at the beach, beachgoers worldwide remain cost-conscious. In the US, the most important factor for 78% of beachgoers is the total trip price. The beach itself matters too – total vacation price and beach quality are the #1 and #2 criteria for travelers in 14 of the 21 countries surveyed – but the cost of the visit is the top consideration.


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